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Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces 101

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Sierra Flame 88" Electric fireplace

Why Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces?

Everyone enjoys the warmth and coziness a fire provides. There’s a level of comfort that can’t quite be described. Throughout history, fire has been used for everything from survival to cooking to simply being a way to bring like-minded people together.

In today’s world, an indoor fire is rarely used as a main heat source, or even for the purpose of cooking. Rather, it’s used to create a certain atmosphere and charm that only a fire can provide.

There are many people that swear by a traditional wood burning fireplace, and won’t accept anything else. But for a large percentage of the population, even if they have a traditional fireplace with chimney they choose not to use if for any number of reasons:

  • -The need to buy and store firewood
  • -Cleaning up ashes
  • -chimney cleaning and maintenance
  • -safety (the chance of something catching fire with a real flame)
  • -air pollution from the smoke

For those that have ruled out a traditional wood fireplace, an electric or gas fireplace is usually the alternative. To help you choose between the two, here’s an article that may help: Gas vs. Electric Fireplaces.

At their core, electric fireplaces use LED lights and a heating element to mimic a real fire. They plug into a standard household outlet, and are the safest and most energy efficient option on the marketplace.


 Ignis Electric fireplace wall mount

Electric Fireplace Wall Mount vs. Other styles:

Once you’ve narrowed it down to an electric fireplace, it’s time to decide what type of installation and style fits your needs. While this article focuses on wall mount electric fireplaces, here’s a brief description of the most common types:

Electric Wall Mount Fireplace:

Sounds exactly like what it is. Designed for easy installation, basically just like hanging a heavy picture or piece of art. Comes with a bracket that attaches to the wall, either using the wall studs or load bearing drywall screws.

Built in Electric Fireplace:

Designed to be built into a recessed wall. While it requires more work on the installation, it makes for a more professional look as the fireplace doesn’t stick out from the wall.

Electric Fireplace Inserts:

These are designed specifically to “insert” into a traditional masonry fireplace. Many homeowners either don’t use their traditional fireplace for some of the reasons listed earlier, or they can’t do to chimney issues, flue not working properly etc. This is a perfect option for that scenario.

Portable Electric Fireplaces:

These are the easiest installations of all, because there is no real installation. Simply take it out of the box, plug it in, and it’s ready to go. Can be conveniently moved from one room to another whenever you choose.


When Are Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces Ideal?

There are a few scenarios when wall mounted fireplaces are one of the best installation choices:

Apartment or rental property restrictions:

Apartment and rental property tenants have restrictions on what they can and can’t do to the dwelling since they don’t own it. Cutting into the drywall and installing a built in electric fireplace is almost always out of the question.

Along the same lines, it’s rare to find an apartment with a traditional fireplace. For safety and insurance reasons, even if it did have one the apartment owner will have surely closed it off making it unusable. An electric fireplace plugs into a standard 120V outlet, making it no more dangerous than any other household appliance.

Limited Floor Space:

If you live in a small apartment, condo, or home, floor space is a precious commodity. The benefit of an electric wall mount fireplace is that it takes up zero floor space. While a portable fireplace or corner media unit might look nice, it still takes up floor space. With a wall mount unit, you install it up and out of the way, as low or as high as you’d like on the wall.

Warm Weather Climates:

If you live in a climate that is typically warm most of the year and rarely experiences cold temperatures, many apartment, condos, and even homes don’t have a central heating system. A wall mount electric fireplace is a great option for that rare chilly night, or for those rooms that always seem to be colder than the others.

In addition, if you own a vacation property an electric fireplace can be that extra wow factor to set your property apart from other options. An added benefit is that these units can be used with or without the heating element, creating ambiance even when the added heat isn’t wanted.

Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Options:

Amantii Wall Mount / Flush Mount Electric Fireplace

-Available in 7 different widths for any size wall

-Unique installation: Can be wall mounted OR built-in flush to the wall

-Unique color technology. Can change the flame color from orange to blue, to purple, violet, and more

-Heat is emitted from a single slot in the bottom front of the unit



Ignis Royal Electric Fireplace

-Available in 5 different widths to accommodate any size wall

-4 different levels of flame brightness

-Choose from logs, pebbles, or crystals to customize and give a unique look

-2 levels of heat, can heat up to 450 sq. feet



Modern Flames CLX2 Series

-One of the most innovative electric fireplaces on the market today

-New temperature control system, LED light strips, and increased customization

-Available in 5 different widths for any room and wall size

-5 different face surrounds to choose from



Sierra Flame Wall Mount / Built in Electric Fireplace

-Available in 6 different sizes to fit any room

-multi-color flame options- a click of the button changes from orange to blue to yellow, and more

-Features a touchpad with numerical temperature control

-Heats 400-500 square feet


 touchstone electric fireplaces

Touchstone Electric Fireplaces:

A Very popular brand, Touchstone has a number of wall mounted electric fireplaces that range in style, price, and functionality. Click the link above to visit our Touchstone collection.



We hope you’ve enjoyed this article, feel free to comment with any questions!

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