3 Sided Electric Fireplace Guide for 2022

3 Sided Electric Fireplace Guide for 2022

Why Consider a 3 Sided Electric Fireplace:

Although once reserved for high end hotels and luxury homes or condos, 3 sided fireplaces have been steadily growing in popularity throughout the last decade. Besides the obvious visual appeal, there are some some other key reasons that make this a smart choice when considering what type of electric fireplace to get.

Solving An Architectural Problem:

Open floor plans have been all the rage for quite a while now, and to no great surprise. Gone are the days of small, closed in rooms that dominated floor plans of the past. An open floor plan is a great way to take the same square footage in a house and make it feel bigger.

Homebuyers are looking for ways to incorporate the whole family, no matter what room they're in, often knocking down walls that separate rooms like the kitchen and living room. New home builds usually incorporate this open concept as well, knowing that this trend is what the modern buyer is looking for. 

However, having a massive room with just four solid walls would come off as boring and uninspired, so columns and partial walls are often incorporated to break up the space in a room and give it a feel of depth, without disrupting the flow of the house. 

This is where a 3 sided electric fireplace can really shine. By being installed into one of these partial walls or columns, a modern 3 sided fireplace can transform a room completely. Instead of just being a part of the room with no real function, with the right fireplace these spaces become a focal point and enhance the space.


The versatility of installation choices make this one of the best built in electric fireplace options on the market.

If you want, you're able to recess it completely, wall off the sides, and just display it with the single pane of glass in the front. Most people however, choose to go with a 2-sded or 3-sided display. On partial walls, like the one pictured above, having a 2-sided display that showcases either the left or right side of the fireplace is quite popular. And for standing columns, going with a full 3-sided installation and showing both sides allows you to maximize the views and create a stunning focal point for the room. 

Another benefit of the modern 3 sided fireplace is viewing angles. Not everyone will be sitting directly in front of the fireplace. Most rooms have additional seating spread throughout the room. With a single front glass design, the effect of the fireplace can be lost from other angles. By opening the sides, the entire room is able to take in the beauty of the fireplace and enjoy it from every angle, no matter where you are seated. 

Ease Of Installation:

Some people can be intimidated by the thought of building in and recessing a fireplace. While it isn't as straight forward as a wall mount electric fireplace, it isn't as complicated as you might think. Yes, you will need carpentry skills to cut into the drywall, locate studs, attach correctly, etc. And you'll want to hardwire the power as well inside the wall. But other than that it's pretty straightforward, and most installation guides will walk you through the process without much trouble. 

In addition, this is still the easiest option, when compared to installing an actual wood burning fireplace, or even a gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces will require you to have a professional install a gas supply line, and many require some form of venting to the outside to get rid of toxic fumes. 


 Our Top 3 Sided Electric Fireplace Picks For 2022:

Modern flames landscape pro multi 3 sided smart electric fireplace

Modern Flames "Landscape Pro Multi" Electric Fireplace

When it comes to top of the line, it's hard to beat Modern Flames. The Landscape Pro Multi is one our best sellers, and for good reason. 

This see through fireplace is one of the most versatile on the market today. Using new Hybrid-FX Flame technology, it boasts high intensity multi-color flames that produce a random, organic flame image for ultimate realism. 

In addition to the flame colors, the ember bed and downlighting also feature the full color spectrum and each lighting feature can be controlled independently. The result is hundreds of different stunning color combinations to choose from.

While most electric fireplaces can heat around 400 square feet, this fireplace can double that output by connecting an optional secondary line to provide plenty of heat for 800 square feet. 

Taking full advantage of today's modern conveniences, the Landscape Pro Multi is fully controllable by the included remote control or using the Modern Flames WiFi app and Smart Home capabilities. It's as easy as asking Alexa to turn on your electric fireplace. 

Offered in 5 different sizes: 44", 56", 68", 80", and 96"

Find out more about the Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi Electric Fireplace here.


modern flames sedona pro multi 3 sided smart electric fireplace


Modern Flames "Sedona Pro Multi" 3 Sided Electric Fireplace 

Another popular choice from the Modern Flames lineup, the Sedona Pro Multi offers a versatile electric fireplace in a modern, square style. It also offers the highest flame pattern of their collection, and utilizes the same Hybrid-FX flame technology and individual lighting controls for endless color combinations.

The Sedona Pro comes with a hand-painted driftwood log set and smoked glacier glass media to further customize the look of your fireplace.

Operation can be fully controlled using the included remote, or use the Modern Flames WiFi app with Smart home capabilities. 

The Sedona Pro Multi see through fireplace comes in 3 different sizes depending on your needs: 30", 36", and 42".

Learn more about the Sedona Pro Multi here


amantii 50-tru-view-xl 3-sided electric fireplace


Amantii "Tru-View-XL" 50" 3 Sided Electric Fireplace

The Tru-View-XL series from Amantii is a beautiful fireplace option for those that are looking to create a unique focal point in any room. 

With a depth of 14 1/4", the Tru-View see through fireplace offers the ability to enjoy the flames from any angle in the room. 

Using Amantii's exclusive Fire & Ice flame technology, the Tru-View offers 2 different flame sets, and allows users to choose from blue, rose, violet, yellow or orange colored flames with just the click of the remote control. 

Ambient canopy lighting offers 13 different colors to enhance the presentation. 

A 15 piece driftwood logset and additional deluxe media set are also included. 

The Amantii Tru-View-XL 3 sided electric fireplace series is available in different sizes, and you can learn more about the 50" options here



touchstone sideline infinity 3-sided electric fireplace with wifi and alexa capability

Touchstone Sideline Infinity 3 Sided Electric Fireplace

For buyers looking for a 3 sided electric fireplace at a lower price point, the Sideline Infinity series from Touchstone is an excellent option. 

Using Touchstone's proprietary flame technology, you can display over 60 different color combinations and enjoy the flames from every angle thanks to it's 3-sided design. 

Offers 5 flame and media bed light intensity settings and 3 flame speeds.

Enjoy the flames year-round, with or without the heat. Control the fireplace with the included remote, or feel free to sync it with your smart home options and have Alexa or Google home control it.

The Touchstone Sideline Infinity comes with a log set and clear, black crystals to customize the look.

The Sideline Infinity electric fireplace comes in both 50" and 60" models, and you can learn more here


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